U.S. based film company Fire Maiden Films specialises in the the production of high quality, commercial independent movies.

Owner and Producer C. Tyler Storm is committed to writing and producing powerful stories about women.

Fire Maiden Films also provides access to Servicing, Branding, Marketing & Distribution.




Tyler at 12 years old.


(Founder, Writer & Producer)

Tyler has always been a gifted writer. At the tender age of seven she penned her first “novel” on a pad of Chief notebook paper with a number 2 lead pencil in the second grade. “Double-double Stole & Trouble” was an incredible tale of Kings and Queens and pirates and twins. On a roll, Tyler entered and remarkably won every writing competition she submitted for, through and into high school. At 11 she was placed into a test program for gifted and talented children where she wrote, cast, and directed her first stage play. In 1984, the sophomore was offered the job as a cub reporter for a new Women’s Sports magazine and was tasked to cover the summer Olympic games. Tyler has always been a dedicated and committed athlete. From the ages of 6 through 12​ Tyler was a star player in baseball, football and soccer…and that was on the boys’ teams! She was also a member of a traveling swim team placing Top 2 in every distance butterfly and Individual medley heat she entered. At 13 Tyler was forced to swap to girls’ teams and took up track to replace soccer as there was no female soccer team. In High School, Tyler dropped basketball and turned her attention to tennis while concurrently being invited to join a traveling softball team. Tyler was an accomplished distance runner, finishing a ten mile race in just over an hour. She also threw shotput and discus. At the age of 16 Tyler played the Softball Women’s Open A division (highest level for amateurs) and was continually selected for the League All Star teams​. In the mid 1980s the only professional sports opportunities for women were in​ Golf and Tennis, and there were no women team sports at all. 

After graduating high school Tyler became a soldier in the US Army where she continued to play sports and run triathlons across Europe. As a post Military attendee of the University of Connecticut, Tyler joined the Creative Writing and Athletic Training Programs which allowed her to continue to pursue both passions: Writing and Sport.

In 2009, Tyler published a​ novel, Eldin of Yashor, a fantasy genre novel that explores a world where evolution has made women the bigger stronger gender. Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell painted the cover art. In October 2015, Tyler​ was selected for the yearlong script writing mentorship program for veterans through the WGA – West Foundation, and successfully completed it. Working with mentors, Karen Harris and Timothy Wurtz, Tyler honed her craft. She considers the experience priceless as she was also able to meet and get tips from industry icons like Norman Lear, and many others.

Tyler has merged her two big passions, writing and sports, to pen and produce OUT OF BOUNDS, a powerful story that will become an homage to the thousands of incredible female athletes in the world of sports. Tyler is committed to promote and to help grow the real league so that more and more young girls can embrace the game from an early age. 



(Actor, Writer & Consultant)

Ever since Julie was young she knew she wanted to be an entertainer. Her first big role in theatre came at 11 years old when she landed a role as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Five years later she was scouted by a modeling agency before travelling across North America modeling and training other models in the business. Julie was also an avid fan of sports playing and coaching players at the National and Collegiate levels.  Playing against such teams as the Japanese Olympic team and alike. She retired from ice hockey after winning a gold medal in the World Master’s Games. Julie took her fitness to the next level and competed in fitness competitions, placing second in her first show and securing a spot to compete on a national scale. Julie is currently working in the tv/film industry honing her craft and teaching the younger generation how to become more confident and believe in their dreams.

Sport Related Accolades: Nationally qualified former fitness competitor, Gold Medalist for Women’s World Masters Hockey Team (top tier), Women’s Hockey for 10+ years in Tier 1 (AA), Tier 1 Women’s Ball hockey, Ringette for 11 years (Top Tier) & Competitive Soccer for 9 years (Canada)




Joanna has been a professional athlete for fourteen years and is currently a midfielder for the Washington Spirit in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Joanna has utilized her platform to impact people around the world. She is a professional speaker for leading organizations and she also serves as a Sport Diplomat, traveling the world and running programs in less developed nations that promote gender equality, conflict resolution, cultural understanding, and economic development.

She has helped individuals and groups find their cool by living an unabashedly authentic life based around deep-rooted acceptance and discovering a comfort in their own skin.